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This website is dedicated to the latest news, tips and secrets for all versions of Apple iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch. We hope that soon our site to be a iPhone authority for special tips, tricks and secrets.


As we all know Hackulous announced the permanent shut down, so Installous and its other services won’t work anymore.

The best Installous alternatives are:

1. AppCake

How To Install AppCake (Installous Alternative)

Installous was the first jailbreak app that let us download and test AppStore apps for free, it was perfect, but now it is gone.
AppCake is the most popular alternative!


How to install AppCake:
Launch Cydia, tap onto Sources.

Add a new source:

Search for AppCake. iPhone and iPod Touch users should install AppCake+ and iPad users should install AppCake HD.

After installation, reboot your device and you will find AppCake on your home page. Enjoy!


2. vShare or App VV

vShare or AppVV is the second very good Installous alternative app.

vShare - App VV

How to install vShare:

Install from Cydia AppSync.

To get vShare after you have installed AppSync, do the following:

Open Safari, go to

Click Download/Install vShare to install vShare.

Once installed, vShare will show up as an icon on your home screen!



Save Power


Improve iPhone Battery Life by Turning Features Off

It's no fun when your iPhone runs out of juice. If you notice it's getting low, and you aren't going to have a chance to plug in any time soon, here's what you can do: turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or 3G. If you aren't using one or two of these, they're just wasting power. Also, turn the LCD brightness down a notch or two. You'd be surprised how much power it uses.


Take a Picture of your iPhone screen

It is so easy! Press and hold the Home button, then press the Sleep/Wake button. Your screen flashes and the picture of your screen appears in your Camera Roll.

Cut, copy, and paste.

Find the text you want to edit in a note, email, web page, or other app. You can select a word by double-tapping it, and select more or less text by dragging the grab points. Then tap to cut, copy, or paste. To undo an edit, shake iPhone, then tap the Undo button.


Create icons - Favorites

Create web clips.

To add a website to your Home screen, visit the page in Safari and tap the Go To icon at the bottom of the Safari window. Tap Add to Home Screen.

Caps Lock


Double Tap Shift for Caps Lock Caps Lock

Many people don’t like caps lock, but it’s still available on your iPhone if you so wish. You will have to enable it, though. “Settings > General > Keyboard > Enable Caps Lock” should do the trick. Then, just double-tap the shift key to type away in capitals.

iPhone Themes


iPhone Wallpapers

Visit the following link to get some good themes for iPhone 3G and 4G. Download them from here:iPhone themes

Extra Characters

Tap and Hold for Extra Characters

How would you type the British Pound symbol on your iPhone? Or an inverted question mark? And what about letters with cedillas? To get these, and other special characters, tap and hold on the letter or symbol that closest represents the one you want.

You'll get a hidden menu that offers the extra characters. This also works with the .com button, offering a few other top-level domains.

Place a call on hold

On iPhone 4, touch and hold the Mute button to put a call on hold (GSM model only).

Scientific Calculator


Scientific Calculator

Turn Your iPhone Horizontally for a Scientific Calculator. The keyboard isn't the only thing that gets wider when you go horizontal. The completely unassuming built-in calculator unleashes it's scientific power when tilted 90 degrees…!


Read the iPhone User Guide

For more tips, tricks, and instructions, tap the Bookmarks icon in Safari, then select iPhone User Guide.


Swipe to delete

Delete email messages and text conversations without opening them. Just swipe across the email or conversation and a Delete button appears. Tap it to delete.

TOP 10 Apps

Check the Best iPhone Apps: iPhone Best Apps

Double tap the home button while the screen is locked to bring up your iPod controls.

iPod controls to your iPhone screen!

Double tap the home button while the screen is locked to bring up your iPod controls, "Play", "Stop", "Next", "Previous" and the "Sound level control".

iPhone 4 isn't just an amazing phone. It's an amazing iPod, too — one that lets you listen to music, watch video, and browse everything with the touch of a finger. Flick to scroll through songs, artists, albums, and playlists. Flick through music by album artwork with Cover Flow. Shake iPhone to shuffle songs. Create playlists right on your iPhone. And don't worry about missing a call. The music fades and pauses when iPhone rings, and a pinch of the center button on your headset answers the call.



iPhone App of the Month: Xmarks

View bookmarks and open tabs from your favorite browser right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Simply download the Xmarks client from to your desktop or laptop computer. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari for Mac are supported. Once your bookmarks (and optional open tabs) are synchronized to Xmarks, you can use Xmarks for iPhone to view them while on the go!

iPhone Wallpaper



iPhone Wallpapers

Some good and free wallpapers for iPhone 3G, 4G (Retina display) and iPod Touch.

Download them from here: iPhone wallpapers


iPhone Takes dictation

Instead of typing an email, tap the microphone icon on the keyboard and start talking. Tap done, and your words will appear as text. Use dictation to write messages, take notes, and more. Dictation also works with third-party apps, so you can update your Facebook status, tweet, or write and send Instagrams.



Quick, take a photo.

Open the camera app right from your Lock screen. Double-tap the Home button, and the camera icon appears.


Use the compass with maps.

Tap the Location button in Maps twice to use the built-in compass to orient the map based on the direction you are facing.


Pinch to zoom.

In the camera app, pinch to zoom in and out of a scene up to 5x. You can also use the zoom slider.



Drop a pin.

In Maps, touch and hold anywhere on a map to drop a pin so you can find an address, get directions, or see street view for that location.


Everything has a tone.

Assign a specific tone for new mail, Calendar alerts, tweets, and Reminders. In Settings, tap Sounds to assign each tone. Tap Edit in a contact to assign a ringtone to that contact.


Choose your wallpaper.

In Settings, choose Wallpaper, tap the image of the Lock and Home screens, then tap one of your photo albums or tap Wallpaper for the Apple-designed images. Find the image you want, tap Set, and then choose whether to use it as wallpaper for your Lock screen, Home screen, or both.


Lock the screen orientation.

Double-click the Home button to bring up the multitasking interface, then swipe from left to right. Now tap the portrait orientation lock once to turn it on and again to turn it off.


Tap to focus the camera.

While shooting video or photos, tap the screen where you want to focus. iPhone will also adjust the exposure and white balance automatically.


See what’s up.

Notification Center lets you know about missed messages, calendar invitations, friend requests, and more. New notifications appear on top of the screen. Swipe down to see a summary of recent notifications.


Set Reminders.

Assign due dates to items on your to-do list and Reminders will send you alerts. Add locations, and you’ll get alerts when you leave or when you arrive. You can also choose priority levels and write notes.


Create an event fast.

Touch anywhere on the calendar to create an event. To change your schedule, just drag events around on the calendar. Tap for day, month, or list view. And rotate to landscape to see an entire week.


Locate your lost iPhone.

If you’ve lost your iPhone, Find My iPhone can help you locate it on a map and protect its data. Display a message on its screen, remotely set a passcode lock, or initiate a remote wipe to delete your data. Learn more about Find My iPhone


Save images from the web.

In Safari, touch and hold an image to save it to your Camera Roll or copy it to paste into an MMS or email.


Take a photo.

You can snap a photo by pressing the volume button on the side of your iPhone.




You can automatically backup your phone to iCloud and never sync with your computer again. Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup and switch on iCloud Backup.


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